Monthly Programming

$39.00 (+tax) / Bi-weekly

Are your workouts getting boring? Have you struggled with a plateau? Looking for something new and challenging to take your training to the next level?

This service is perfect for the individual who is comfortable training on their own, yet prefers to have support from a coach.

What you get

Monthly goal oriented fitness programming to prepare you for your adventure(s) whatever they may be. Perhaps it's a 5km run, weight loss goal or maybe you are wanting to create a lifestyle change to live with more energy and vitality.

Ongoing accountability, guidance and partnership with your coach through the Jalp online training platform. This includes nutrition and workout tracking as well as journalling and other inspirational tools to work with.

Online messaging support with your coach.

When you sign up

Upon subscribing, you will be prompted to fill out some intake forms and once you are finished, I will reach out to get started on your plan.

We will work together to create a plan that will fit you, your lifestyle and most importantly, your goals.

Your program will include videos for each exercise and it is available online so you can have access 24/7 so please allow for 2-3 days to have the program completed.

From there, I will share it with you and you can start right away!

The support you get

Through the online platform, I will be checking in on your progress on a daily basis. When you need support, clarification or changes to the plan, you can reach out and I will respond as quickly as possible.

The results you can expect

As with any fitness program, your results depend on what you put into the program. If you commit to consistent practice and make lifestyle changes over time, you will see a variety of changes depending on the focus of the plan.

Most clients see weight loss (or gain if they are looking to increase lean mass), increased energy, improved sleep, a more positive attitude, increased confidence and a willingness to try new things in life.

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