On-Demand Coaching Session

On-Demand Coaching Session - $149.00

ON-DEMAND COACHING SESSIONS are one time, 60 minute coaching sessions that you can purchase when you need support from your coach. These sessions are perfect for clients who do not have an ongoing coaching subscription with me, or who need some extra support from time to time.

Below are a few examples of who would benefit from an occasional on-demand coaching session...

1. PERSONAL TRAINING clients looking to discuss their lifestyle, nutrition and fitness in more detail away from the gym.

2. ONLINE NUTRITION clients who would like to discuss specific aspects of their progress and gain more clarity on their nutrition and lifestyle journey.

3. INDIVIDUAL clients who purchased a workout program online, and would like support, clarity and some extra motivation while they work through the plan.

Sometimes one focused coaching session is all you will need to gain the clarity, focus and understanding to take you to the next level of your journey.

Upon purchasing your on-demand coaching session, I will receive a message notifying me of your purchase. From there we will work together to set up the appointment!

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