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Are You Sick Of Bouncing From Diet To Diet? Are You Ready To Finally Commit To Yourself? Are Ready To Make A Big Change And Stay Accountable? If You Answered Yes, Then My 12 Month Personal Nutrition Coaching May Be Just What You Are Looking For!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused with the nutritional information out there, and it can be difficult to know what to do from day to day. I know you want to feel empowered, energetic and confident and I want to help you with this. How would it feel to be done with the diets, the strict rules and the quick fixes?

Powered By Precision Nutrition’s Pro Coach Software, I will help you grow as you learn new habits, deepen your understanding of how to listen to your body and manage your nutrition with simple, stress-free practices. There’s no shortcuts, no gimmicks, no products to buy every month and I will be supporting you each step of the way!

Knowing that you have a coach who cares about YOU and YOUR goals really helps and I especially love to work with people on how to navigate the obstacles & challenges that you will face along the journey. You can trust that you will feel the support and guidance from an experienced coach and at the end of the year, you will have developed habits which will allow you to continue successfully into the future!

As a Personal Trainer and Coach, I have worked with hundreds of folks just like you over the past 14 years and one thing I learned in the process is that we all have the ability to change, we just need the right people in our corner.

Since graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Personal Fitness Trainer program in 2003, I have continued my learning in programs such as The Canadian Society For Exercise Professionals (CSEP-CPT), PTA Global (Advanced Program), Agatsu Kettlebell (Level 1) and The Coaches Institute Co-Active Coaching Program (CPCC) among others. I have also been certified through one of the leading nutritional coaching programs – Precision Nutrition – and I am a current student in their 12 month level 2 mentorship program as of October 9th 2017. 

A healthy lifestyle includes a balance of nutrition, movement, and other lifestyle factors such as social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I believe that these elements should not be difficult to shift and over time, will be something that you look forward to improving. Of course, this requires some patience and a sensible, strategic approach is what I believe works best in the long term.

Meeting you where you are and slowly building on successful habits over time is how we will work together. This is how we learned how to walk, and do just about anything else in life, so why not apply it to your nutrition lifestyle. This style of learning will help you move towards your goals while celebrating your successes and learning a lot about yourself along the way.

After a 30 minute phone consultation, I will send you forms to fill out and then we will meet to ensure the the pre-work is complete and cover any necessary questions .

From there, I will review the forms privately and develop your coaching plan.

On our next meeting, we will cover a few benchmark assessments and set goals for the program as well as setting you up for your first nutrition habit to work on for the next 2 weeks.

We will meet over the phone or in person each month for regular check ins to discuss the next habit, to assess your learning and possibly to adjust the program where necessary.

In addition to the coaching, you will receive mini-lessons and support on a weekly basis and you will work through 24 nutrition habit modules, in two-week increments.

I am currently accepting a LIMITED number of coaching clients to work with me either one-on-one or in small groups.

If you feel like it’s time to take your life to the next level, to stretch your comfort zone and own your TRUE POTENTIAL, than coaching is for YOU.

Ready to get started?!?! Contact me and tell me why you’re READY TO CHANGE.

Can’t wait to work with you!