Having a team of people who support your journey plays a major role in determining the level of success you can accomplish. As children, our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coaches and community all support our growth. As adults, our family, friends, spiritual communities and colleagues are also there to support us along the way.

What/who do you place trust in to support you in your daily life, athletic endeavours, personal development, goals and dreams?

I created this page to share contact information for he people who I have chosen to trust with my health , fitness and personal growth. I don’t receive kick backs in return for sharing their services, I do it because I trust the individuals/businesses and hope that you will support them if you choose.

Family Doctor 

  • Dr. Michelle Fairgrieve Park
    • Heritage Medical Clinic, Edmonton
    • #105, 2841-109 Street
    • 780-436-3970


  • Kelsey Shaw
    • Solis Wellness Clinic
    • 5016-106 Avenue, Edmonton
    • 780-488-1552
  • Audrey Lowe
    • Capilano Rehab Centre
    • 5832 Terrace Road, Edmonton
    • 780-466-1104


  • Dr. Lee Miller
    • Strathern Health Care
    • 9536-87 Street, Edmonton
    • 780-426-6777
  • Adam Sandmaier
    • Sherwood Chiropractic Centre
    • 100 Pallisades Way, Suite 30, Sherwood Park
    • 780-467-8755


Spiritual Community