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Throughout my life, Nature has been an important part of my spirit. As a child I grew up roaming the forest, in my teens I spent a lot of time working in the woods, as a young adult I trained as an Infantry soldier and over the past 20 years, hiking, mountain biking and trail running have been a regular part of my life. Throughout all of this, Nature has been a constant staple for me and I love sharing this passion with other people just like you.


The Edmonton River Valley is known to be one of the largest urban park systems in North America, and I have spent countless hours exploring them over the years. In this time, many people have told me I should be offering group hikes, trail runs and bike rides so I finally decided to listen and will be combining my love for Fitness, Nutrition, Nature and Coaching into an 8 Week Hiking Accountability Group from Monday September 11th to Sunday November 5th.

We will gather in a Private Facebook Group through the week and meet for 1 Group Hike Per Week so you must be living in the Edmonton Area and have a Facebook account. The hikes will start at 9:30am on Wednesday mornings along the North Saskatchewan River along a variety of undulating single track and gravel packed trails. In the case of snow or icy conditions, the route will be adjusted to a more appropriate trail. Each week the trail will be at a different park so you can enjoy much of the river valley system.


If you love the outdoors, enjoy fitness, are looking to live intentionally and would like to focus on some basic nutrition habits along the way, this group is for you! There are a lot of benefits to a group like this because you will meet new people who share similar interests, you will learn from a coach with over 14 years experience in the health and wellness industry and you will have the flexibility of checking in daily to the private Facebook Group to learn about Nutrition, Hiking skills, Goal Setting and Motivation as well as a weekly workout plan to support you over the 8 weeks.


My intentions for the group are as follows:

  • to share my love for the river valley trail system with you
  • to build a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy fitness & the outdoors
  • to support you in your personal growth
  • to introduce you to practical, habit based nutritional practices
  • to share basic hiking tips and skills which will help you enjoy hiking long term


Here is what you can expect when you sign up for the group:

  • Monday – Intention Setting
  • Tuesday – Tip of the Week
  • Wednesday – Group Hike and Journal Prompt
  • Thursday – 30 Minute Group Video Call
  • Friday – Show and Tell (Share a photo or story of your favourite moment from the week’s activities)
  • Saturday – Celebrate Your Wins
  • Sunday – Weekly Check In & Workout Download

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What you can expect to gain from actively participating in the group:

  • increased knowledge of hiking basics and the most beautiful trails in the river valley trail system
  • improved strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness
  • a basic understanding of 6 nutrition habits and how they can help you improve your health
  • increased confidence and a set of goals which you can work towards beyond the 8 weeks
  • increased motivation and a supportive community

Registration is open until September 9th and you don’t need special equipment other than a good pair of hiking boots or trail shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. Running shoes aren’t recommended. For more experienced hikers, I recommend that you carry a weighted backpack on the hikes.  

Your investment for the group is $175.00 including GST. 

You can pay with e-transfer by emailing karlmacphee@mac.com 

You can pay with PAYPAL by clicking on the button below

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After you sign up, please add yourself to the 8 Week Hiking Accountability Group Mailing List. A few days before the group begins, you will receive a welcome message from me which will explain some of the logistics for the group. To add yourself to the list, click on the link below once you register…

Add Me To The List

For more information, please connect with me via email, at Facebook or Instagram. I would love to welcome you to the group however I would much rather that it is the right fit for you so if you have any questions, please connect with me.

This is an adult group. I am considering offering a child friendly group in the summer of 2018 so stay tuned if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I am excited to welcome you to the 8 Week Hiking Accountability Group!