Karl Flexibility


Movement based online, personal or small group ‘training for life’ that is fun, focused and functional. In addition to the in person training, you will also have access to mindset coaching and other aspects of lifestyle change which support your physical health.

I specialize in wellness coaching that combines Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coaching. These programs offer the best support and results, however sometimes people prefer to hire me for Personal training.

See below for my fitness services.

 Powered by Precision Nutrition’s Pro Coach Software, online fitness coaching provides individualized programming and support for individuals who are wanting to work with a coach while enjoying the convenience of training at home or at their local gym. This option also allows clients to train on their schedule rather than travelling to their coach at specified times.

 Focusing on corrective exercise, effective movement, bodyweight and kettlebell strength as well as flexibility, mobility and assigned programming.

In groups of 4 you can share the investment and work with me in a smaller setting than group classes. This option allows for more personal coaching and it’s great to have a group of people working with you.

I offer two fitness classes at varying times of the year.

ADULT RECESS fitness class is packed with games, friendly competitions and plenty of movement, these sessions are so much fun you will forget you are working out!

MOVE fitness class is a blend of athletic warm ups, human movement, animal movement, yoga and flexibility that combines for an amazing session that is guaranteed to make you feel better! 

If your group would like to hire me for a specific fitness based workshop, I would love to help. Here’s a few examples of workshops I have taught in the past:

Adult Recess
Super fun adult play workouts with a school yard recess feel. Packed with games, friendly competitions and plenty of movement, these sessions are so much fun you will forget you are working out!

Skills & Drills for Runners
These sessions are geared towards beginner to intermediate runners who are looking to take their passion of running to the next level. Learn run stride techniques, effective warm ups, post run flexibility and most importantly, stability and mobility maintenance drills to do between runs to avoid injury.

Fitness Fundamentals
Looking to fix nagging injuries, improve posture, athletic performance, stability and flexibility? Walk away from these sessions with a tool box full of drills which can greatly improve your fitness. This session is also great for runners as an add on to the Skills and Drills for Runners workshop.