Planting Seeds & Tending The Garden

Planting Seeds & Tending The Garden

Planting Seeds & Tending The Garden

  • by Karl MacPhee
  • February 16, 2019

Pull the weeds, create a rich environment and tend the soil for a successful harvest.

I'm not much of a gardener. Acutually, I should rephrase that, I'm not a gardener, although I was successful a few times. I believe I managed to grow potatoes and a bunch of radishes one summer, and another year I watched all the lettuce I planted go bad. It's too bad because there was a lot of kale and I remember a rosemary bush that I couldn't keep up with! 

If I'm really being honest, I'm just not interested in the process of managing a garden. There's the truth. I finally said it...

I love the IDEA of a garden. Enjoying the harvest is a great benefit but spending my time plucking the weeds, watering the plants and managing the bugs is not high on the list of priorities. 

Sure, there's plenty of life lessons available for me and my family, and I'm not discounting the health/environmental benefits as well. The reality is, that no matter how many positives there are, I know that at this point in my life, having a green thumb is not important enough to make the commitment. 

You may be wondering why I am sharing this story. Now I'll tell you...


It's the time of year when a large majority of the population decides that this will be their year to finally make that change. For example, I’m still thinking about what my word for 2019 will be. I'm not sure if it will be Connection or Adventure but I've given myself another week to figure that out. Most likely it will be a combination of both words. 

I'm also considering a mantra that will keep me on track for the year, and I know for certain that one of my goals is to positively impact and improve the lives of at least 100 people. 

Based on what I've been reading on social media and the conversations I have been having lately, I know a lot of you are also considering your goals, and I want to offer you an idea that may help you in the process.


Let's go back to the idea of the garden shall we. If you were to plant your seeds in poor conditions, meaning the soil was dry, void of nutrients and there was weeds growing everywhere, how well do you think your garden would grow? 

My guess is that you might have some success but it's more likely that not much would happen. 

However, if you took the time to pull out the weeds, till and add some natural fertilizer to the soil, you are much more likely to see some success. 

The point here is that as you consider your goals for 2019, it's critical that you set the stage for success even before you plant the seeds. Once the foundation is set, such as in understanding WHY you are setting your goals, WHAT you want to accomplish and HOW you are going to do it, then you can start tending to the garden.

Remember that in order for the garden to be successful, it will need sun, water, fertilizer of some sort and you will need to pull out the weeds from time to time. This requires daily attention and it's the same as when you are working on building a new habit. 

Let's say you decided that you want to feel great and have more energy. In order to do that you made a commitment to go to sleep at 9:30pm each night and walk for 30 minutes twice a day. These are great ideas, and when worked on consistently, will have a significant impact on your health after one year of practice. 

Chances are, by improving your sleep and moving more, you will also implement other positive changes and the results will continue to present themselves. 

Just like the garden example, your health requires daily attention and as you tend to your fundamental habits of eating well, improving sleep habits and moving more often, you see positive results.  

What seeds are you planting to create positive change? 

How fertile is the soil (environment) for making these changes?

What can you on a consistent basis ‘tend so that you can look, feel and perform better? 

I’d love to hear from you so please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Live your adventure! 

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Karl MacPhee

Karl MacPhee

Karl MacPhee provides the highest quality nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching that inspires and guides you to live your best life, full of wonder, growth and adventure. Karl is based in Edmonton, AB, however, his online coaching clients come from all corners of the globe.

With a background in personal fitness, habit-based nutrition and co-active life coaching, he takes a holistic approach to your health and wellness. As your guide, he will co-actively support you, teach you and encourage you on each step of your journey.

Karl knows it’s about more than the adventure and there are many lessons along the journey.


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