How do I Find More Adventure

How do I Find More Adventure

How do I Find More Adventure

  • by Karl MacPhee
  • January 31, 2019

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."
Oprah Winfrey

Are you yearning to get more out of life like many of the people I coach? This is a question I get on a regular basis and I generally respond by saying that "your whole life is one big adventure however you may not be looking at it that way."

When given the opportunity to take a step back and think about my statement, many clients begin to think about some adventures they've been on, but they still struggle with the idea that life is one big journey filled with adventure after after adventure.

For example, a trip to the park is an adventure in my mind. So is climbing a mountain peak, going downhill skiing, splashing in the puddles during a rain storm or navigating the ins and outs of running a business.

When you finally understand that your life is an adventure, suddenly more opportunities for adventure begin to surface and you experience more joy. For example, a routine walk through a park can now be a chance to listen to the squirrels and birds as you enjoy the sun on your skin, sound of the wind in the trees and the touch of the grass on your bare feet.

"Adventure is like trouble, we can find it anywhere when we are looking for it!"

I'm guessing that you still want something more tangible to explore, so here's a few things for you to think about...

1. Before you spend time looking for adventure, start by defining what adventure means to you.

2. Visualize and embody that definition as much as you can. Who is with you? What does the adventure feel like? What can you smell? Where are you when you are on your adventures? How does the adventure impact your life?

3. Create an action plan based on your deepest desires to experience more adventure in your life. Start with a big goal, break it down into smaller pieces that relate to the main goal. Choose one of the small goals and start there.

This will help you find mini adventures that you can enjoy while you work towards the big adventure. Chances are, because you have taken the time to define what adventure means to you, it will start showing up in places you never thought possible.

Remember the last time you wanted to buy a car. That same car suddenly started showing up in all aspects of your life. This is the reticular activating system of the brain at work.

When you start focusing on adventure, more opportunities for adventure will show up for you, I promise!

I'll end with this...

1. What is one big adventure you have always wanted to do?
2. How will you feel when you finally accomplish that adventure?
3. How will you take one step towards that adventure each day?
4. What will you do to keep yourself accountable to this goal each and every day?

Until next time,

Live Your Adventure!

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Karl MacPhee

Karl MacPhee

Karl MacPhee provides the highest quality nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching that inspires and guides you to live your best life, full of wonder, growth and adventure. Karl is based in Edmonton, AB, however, his online coaching clients come from all corners of the globe.

With a background in personal fitness, habit-based nutrition and co-active life coaching, he takes a holistic approach to your health and wellness. As your guide, he will co-actively support you, teach you and encourage you on each step of your journey.

Karl knows it’s about more than the adventure and there are many lessons along the journey.


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