A Clear Image

Just like the downhill skier or the race car driver visualizes a clear image of their course prior to competition, so to should we have a clear image of the life we want.  As we prepare for bed each night, this is a perfect time to spend a few minutes visualizing the life that we … More A Clear Image

Abundance Mindset 

What does abundance mean to you?  Perhaps you are interested in attracting an abundance of love, friendship, health, knowledge, freedom, prosperity, travel or laughter.  Whichever form of abundance you yearn for, the process is not as simple as wishing or thinking about something for it to come true for you. The law of attraction does … More Abundance Mindset 

The Flat Tire

You never know when a specific life skill will come in handy, so why not spend time practicing.  Months ago I got a phone call from my wife to tell me the car had a flat tire. Not long after the call, I had changed the tire and we were on our way.  On the … More The Flat Tire

The Human Foot

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”. Leonardo da Vinci How much time do you spend barefoot?  There are many advantages to walking barefoot, standing on one leg for balance or training without shoes.  The stimulus which occurs as the foot touches the ground sends messages throughout the body’s … More The Human Foot

Morning Routine

As you are likely aware, how we begin our day has an impact on how the day unfolds. When we start the day tired and unpleasant, we are generally less motivated to do the things that are difficult. However, when we begin the day after a great sleep and follow a routine that builds our … More Morning Routine