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Every time I finish coaching an Adult Recess class I hear something like this, “That was amazing Karl! I was having so much fun I didn’t even realize I was working out”!¬†


In my Adult Recess Fitness Classes, you will get fit while having a great time because the main goal of the class FUN! During the 1 hour sessions, you will play games, have mini competitions, do exciting warm up exercises and all while you are doing this, you will smile, laugh out loud, sweat, improve your strength, stamina, mobility and coordination.

sunday (1).pngFriendly Game Of Keep Away for the Warm Up

The activities in this class range from variations of tag to partner balance drills and even pool noodle sword fights!! There’s no treadmills, dumbbells, or typical gym equipment because we utilize the imagination with pool noodles, soccer balls, bean bags, tennis balls, workout partners and more!

This is a very scalable class and can be adapted to all fitness levels. For example, I have offered classes for high school athletes, beginners, seniors and parents (sometimes with their kids) so no matter your group, I can offer you a great workout that will have everyone raving about how much fun they had.

sunday.pngDoesn’t this look like fun!!

If you would like more information about upcoming classes or you would like to book me to coach your group, please send me an email or call 780-906-4288. I would be happy to answer your questions and I would be more than pleased to share this amazing class with you.

Current Adult Recess Class:
Bonnie Doon Community League
9240-93rd Street, Edmonton
Wednesday Mornings at 9:00am
Classes Continue Until December 13th
Drop In Rates: $12 For Members / $15 For Non-Members
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Summer Adult Recess (Bootcamp):
Holyrood, Bonnie Doon, Strathern and Forest Heights Playgrounds 
Strathern Community Stairs
Tuesday & Thursday Mornings at 9:00am
Classes Continue Until September 27th
$450 for full session | $99/month | $300 for 20 class punch card
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