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I’m Karl, and I want to welcome you to my online home šŸ™‚

I’ve been a lot of things in my adult life. Gas Station Attendant, Soldier, Zamboni Driver, Hockey Coach, Triathlete, Obstacle Racer and Personal Trainer, but the most meaningful labels I’ve had most certainly are loving Husband and Father. Nothing brings me more joy than watching my two girls grow while my wife and I get toĀ createĀ our relationship as we shift and change on our journey called life.

Life hasn’t always been perfect, however, just just like everyone else, we have had our share of struggles over the years. Prior to meeting my wife, when I was 21 years old I was on a Peacekeeping tour in Bosnia when I woke up on a hospital bed after having a seizure. I can still remember that day and the emotions that followed. Walking into the unknown world of Epilepsy as a young adult I struggled with the long list of limitations I was given and immediately dove into shame, anger and fear of what will happen next.

This would lead to years of abuse in the presence of drugs, alcohol and a bad attitude but one day I was lucky to see the path I was on and in an instance I made the first of many decisions that would change my life for the better. Eventually, the abuse went away and I began to take care of myself through improved lifestyle habits, fitness and nutrition. Soon after that I devoured self help and psychology books, went to retreats and workshops, started yoga and over time learned what boundaries to set that would support my health.

Fast forward to 2016 and I continue to chisel away at the small details, improving my health one day at a time. It’s a life long journey when living with Epilepsy, but that does not mean I should give up. In fact, it’s been a catalyst in my desire to be better every day but more importantly, I’ve learned to be more compassionate to myself and to others along the way.

The gift of Epilepsy has also motivated me to want to help others which is why I chose fitness as my tool towards making a difference in the lives of people like you.Ā It’s also why I am currently studying to become a Certified Life Coach through The Coaches Training Institute. I believe thatĀ the lessons learned through my darkest momentsĀ are similar to the lessons you will learn as you navigate the rough seas of transformation and I want to be there to help guide you towards calmer waters.

I wake up every day motivated by my passion to help peopleĀ and I can’t wait to share my love for fitness and personal growth with you!

The journey of 1000 miles always starts with the first step, will you take it with me?

I’d love to support you in any way I can,


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