Throughout my life, Nature has been an important part of my spirit. As a child I grew up roaming the forest, in my teens I spent a lot of time working in the woods, as a young adult I trained as an Infantry soldier and over the past 20 years, hiking, mountain biking and trail running have been a regular part of my life. Throughout all of this, Nature has been a constant staple for me and I love sharing this passion with other people just like you.


If you can relate to my story, I am sure that you enjoy spending time in nature, especially when you are active. Hiking, camping and backpacking are great experiences, and they are even better when you are in great shape! If you have an adventure planned, an 8 week preparation program is a great way to make sure you enjoy the trip. Combining fitness, nutrition, personal growth and hiking specific learning is a great way to ensure that you have a great time while carrying a pack to your next destination.


If you love the outdoors, enjoy fitness, are looking to live intentionally and would like to focus on some basic nutrition habits along the way, this program is for you! There are a lot of benefits to a program like this.  For starters, you will learn from a coach with over 14 years experience in the health and wellness industry AND you will have the program being delivered to you via email each day to learn about Nutrition, Hiking skills, Goal Setting and Motivation as well as a weekly workout plan to support you over the 8 weeks.


My intentions for the program are as follows:

  • to share my love for hiking with you
  • to provide you with a program which will build your fitness, nutrition and hiking knowledge
  • to support you in your personal growth
  • to introduce you to practical, habit based nutritional practices
  • to share basic hiking tips and skills which will help you enjoy hiking long term


Here is what you can expect when you sign up for the program:

  • Monday – Intention Setting
  • Tuesday – Tip of the Week
  • Wednesday – Hike and Journal Prompt (If you live in Edmonton you will also have access to group hikes)
  • Thursday – Video Lesson
  • Friday – Show and Tell (Share a photo or story of your favourite moment from the week’s activities)
  • Saturday – Celebrate Your Wins
  • Sunday – Weekly Check In & Workout Download

You can always adjust the flow of the week to meet your schedule. For example, many people may switch the Wednesday hike to a weekend because they have more free time to hit the trails.

IMG_2595 (1)

What you can expect to gain from actively participating in the program:

  • increased knowledge of hiking basics
  • improved strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness
  • a basic understanding of 6 nutrition habits and how they can help you improve your health
  • increased confidence and a set of goals which you can work towards beyond the 8 weeks
  • increased motivation and email support from me, your coach!

After you purchase the program, I will add you to the 8 Week Online Hiking Program Mailing List and you will receive a welcome message from me which will explain the logistics for the group and how to get started! 

From there, you will begin to receive your emails detailing the program over the next 8 weeks.

Your investment for the group is $90.00 including GST. 

You can pay with e-transfer by emailing 

You can pay with PAYPAL by clicking on the button below

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For more information, please connect with me via email, at Facebook or Instagram. I would love to welcome you to the program however I would much rather that it is the right fit for you so if you have any questions, please connect with me.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I am excited to welcome you to the 8 Week Online Hiking Program!