5 Nutrition Practices to Achieve Vitality

I often say that the opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality.
Andrew Solomon

For many people, the topic of nutrition is a scary subject, and rightfully so. There’s way too much conflicting information at the edge of our fingertips and chances are, you have tried one too many times to create a SHIFT in your health and wellness.

Fortunately, the topic of nutrition, and fitness as well, should not be something that causes you pain and worry. In fact, when you think about how vibrant your life can be once you adopt a mindset that is supportive, you will notice positive change sooner than you expect.

The following tips are simple in nature for a reason. When something is inviting, you will do it more often. Think about all the things that you have enjoyed the most in your life. What kept pulling you back for more?

Convenience, joy, pleasure, results, fun, ease of application and so on.

Now, imagine that you have a favourite yoga studio or gym. All your friends go there and you love the instructors. Chances are you will want to commit to going because you love all of these aspects, however if you don’t live close to the studio, you will eventually want to go somewhere else.

This is likely because you are going to grow tired of all the driving you have to do to get to the gym. Your time is valuable to you and all this time on the road to go for a workout is negatively affecting your life in other ways.

On the other hand, how often do you think you would go if this gym/studio was across the street from your house? Probably a lot.

Let’s talk about convenience as it relates to your nutrition shall we…

When we make healthy behaviours convenient, we are much more likely to achieve success. For example, I make my wife’s lunch each day and it’s always filled with nourishing foods. If she didn’t have this lunch, she would have to take the time to go pick something up at the food court, which takes time, costs more money and often results in last minute efforts to fill up at the office vending machine in the afternoon.

When we make negative behaviours us less convenient, we are more likely to avoid these behaviours. For example, when we buy the ice cream and cookies from the grocery store, we are going to eat them. On the contrary, if they don’t show up in the house, we are less likely to want to head out to the store in the evening when we are craving our favourite treat.

Keeping the discussion on behaviours and convenience in mind, here’s 5 tips that can help you as you walk your journey towards a vibrant and fulfilling life…

Use smaller plates and cups
Most people eat what is prepared and placed on the table for them. Smaller plates and cups will equal less food eaten over time.

Prepare Healthy Foods and Keep Them In A Convenient Location
Chop veggies, place fruit on the counter and have healthy snacks at the office.

Cook A Double Batch
When cooking dinner, make extra so you have leftovers or enough to vacuum seal for a later date when you are pressed for time.

Eat Slower
When you eat slower, you will digest your food more effectively resulting in more nutrition. This will make you feel better, and you will actually eat less food over time.

Drink More Water
Over time, as we drink more water and less caloric beverages, we take in less calories but more importantly we save money and hydrate our cells which will make us feel much better!

What can you do to create a shift in the right direction? Remember, creating convenience and consistency will lead to long term results.


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