Reason or Opportunity


When opportunity arises, I have the courage to take action.

You’ve heard this saying before I’m sure, “Everything happens for a reason”. We have become so accustomed to hearing it that to be honest, I’ve never really thought about it much. My friend Mandy recently shared that the phrase better represents her philosophy with a slight tweak. The shift to saying, “Everything happens for an OPPORTUNITY” sits well with me because it feels more empowering.

When I say it that way it tells me I have a choice. I have a choice to learn from the situation. I have a choice to see the lesson, or more importantly, the opportunity that the situation is presenting.

My epilepsy, for example, was a difficult thing to deal with when it first showed up at 21 years old. I fought with it until the day I accepted that there was an opportunity for me to care for myself, and that lead to further opportunities.

Years later, I now see that compassion and empathy grew out of my struggle with Epilepsy and I have the chance to connect with other people who are struggling.

As a coach, the ability to see people as perfect, whole and complete may never have been there had I not been living with Epilepsy for 20 years. This also holds true for myself.

Through this experience I have learned that when given the chance to make a difference, it’s important to move in the direction of empowering others, and embracing the chance to take a big leap.

Earlier this year I was asked to do something that scares me. My first reaction was to question my abilities, and more importantly I wondered if I would be the right person. However, once I took a step back to reflect, I was able to see I was asked because of my ability to help others through my story and my experience.

Now that I see the opportunity, I am excited to take a leap of faith, try something new and embrace the situation for what it offers.

What is your perspective? Do you feel everything happens for a reason or an opportunity? Or both? Either way, if you are able to grow from the events in your life, I suppose that’s the most important element.


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