Letting Go


I’m a selective pack rat. There’s some things I have no problem getting rid of and others I hold on to dearly.
Will Ferrell

I consider myself to be a minimalist in the sense that I choose to invite the things into my life that bring me joy while releasing those that do not. As Will Ferrell says in the quote, I have things in my life which I hold on to dearly, while I have no problems getting rid of, or letting go of others.

My experience has taught me that when I remove the clutter from my life, I create more space for the things, people, experiences that bring me joy. This can be a simple act of tidying the house or it can be as difficult as walking away from a relationship that is no longer serving me.

The important part of the equation is that the decisions are conscious. Making decisions this way has made life much more simple, and we find that there’s less and less that we WANT in our lives. In fact, we make regular trips to the good will. Each time we release an item, it clears space and helps us let go of another. The practice of letting go over the years has been like going to the gym or learning how to do math. The more we do it, the more efficient we get.

If we think of any change as we approach learning or exercise, each time we do a repetition we improve our skills/strength/endurance and we move closer to our goals. Along the way, as we see the improvements we experience more joy, less stress and we want to keep moving forward.

Soon enough, the habit is formed and the practice becomes a pillar in our lives. One that we can identify as a value, part of our foundation. In finding this new perspective, we open more doors for growth, time, relationships and experiences.

What have you been holding on to and know in your heart that to let it go will be one of the best decisions you can make?


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