To! The! Top!


Focus on what you want and you will get it!

Earlier this summer as we worked our way closer to the top of the hill, she was standing, grinding out peddle strokes one at a time, the bike swerving left and right as she struggled with her balance. Each pedal stroke was accompanied by a motivational word, “To! The! Top”!

At 8 years young, my daughter Keira’s determination to bike up the big hill demonstrates the desire to grow, to accomplish something difficult, to overcome obstacles and to explore our limits. As she reached the top, I congratulated her on her effort, and she said this…”You focus on what you want and you will get it daddy”.

Such wise counsel from an 8 year old child. I am always impressed at some of the things she says, and as I watch my girls grow each passing year, I learn more from them each day. I’ve mentioned it before, yet I feel it’s worth mentioning again… We can learn so much from our children. I feel as though they chose me so that I can learn the lessons I need to learn, as well as offering them the opportunities they are here to experience this time around.

As we continued along the undulating gravel trails, I watched as they navigated their limits on the downhills, and with each hill they let go a bit more, allowing more speed. Each time they explored their boundaries they let out a cheer of excitement, “Woohoo! This is so much fun! Daddy I went faster that time”!

As we move from experience to experience, we too can allow ourselves to let go, explore our boundaries and bask in the blissful state that happens when we grow.

What are you willing to do today that will help you stretch? How can you harness the energy of my daughters or your children to push your boundaries today?


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