Today Is A Great Day


I choose to speak the language of possibility.

Today, I choose to embrace the opportunities for growth.
Today, I welcome new ideas to flow in my direction.
Today, I look for the opportunity in each moment.
Today, I am open to trying new things.
Today, I will step outside of my comfort zone.
Today, I will dare greatly and not worry about the results.
Today, I will love.
Today, I am excited to challenge my limits.
Today, I look for ways to step into my brilliance.
Today, I can see another perspective instead of judging.
Today, I will embrace those I care for.
Today, I will let my light shine in the hopes that it brightens someone’s day.
Today, I wonder what will happen if I allow my intuition to speak more clearly.
Today, I challenge myself to consider another path.
Today, I look for ways to connect with people on a deeper level.
Today, I give thanks for another day.
Today, I invite abundant thoughts into my life.
Today, I send positive thoughts to people I care about.
Today, I will enjoy the sun shine.
Today, I will turn up the volume of my experiences.
Today, I am curious about all life.
Today, I have gratitude for everything I have.
Today, I give thanks for the people in my life who inspire me.

What are you choosing today?


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