The BEING of Change

In order for the conditions to change, we must change.

I believe it was Anthony Robbins who said “change happens in an instant”. My understanding of his statement is that the decision to change is something that happens in the moment. It is the catalyst for what comes afterwards which is the manifestation of the decision to change.

When we make a declaration for something different in our lives, we then have the opportunity to follow up with actions that will support the commitment… or we can continue on living status quo. Like anything else in life, change takes effort and once we have enough momentum, often times it is easier to keep the ball rolling so to speak.

What is often overlooked while wanting to DO something different with our lives is the BEING side of the equation. This can be difficult, especially since we live in an action based culture of more. However, the magic happens when we take the time to connect with our Authentic Voice, our values and of course the destination.

Knowing WHO we must BE so that we can make decisions from a grounded place allows us to continue along the path. Of course we may find obstacles along the way, though with a keen understanding of our WHY, it is much easier to navigate the obstacles and continue moving forward towards our destination.

As you think about wanting to create change in your life. As you wish for different circumstances, the doing is important because it moves you in the right direction. It’s just as important for you to know who you need to be so that you can do the things you need to do along the way.

So…who do you need to be so that you can achieve your dreams?


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