The Blooming Tree Bud

When I live in the past or the future, I am missing the freedom of the now.

Earlier in the summer I had to find a quiet location to meet with my coach for an afternoon phone call. With the construction happening in my home, I chose to head over to the green space down the road, sat on a tree stump and leaned back against a tree.

My topic for the day was to be present with how I was feeling due to the disruption in my routine, and see what would come up from there. After a while of processing how I was feeling, I looked to my left and saw a green tree bud and it reminded me of where I am at this point of my life.

In the midst of a 6 month intensive certification program, I was building on new skills, growing my business and expanding my consciousness as a husband, dad, friend, neighbour and co-active citizen.

The tree bud represented for me the ebb and flow of growth. In the warm days, the bud opens, taking in the opportunity to bloom while on the cold days it pulls back, protecting itself or preparing for the next growth moment.

As I sat with that visualization for a while, I realized that the bud is a metaphor for my life and I was drawn to that space for a reason. I learned that in those moments of growth, I am open to receive new insights, ideas and I am more able to BE myself. When the bud closes, my first interpretation was that it was to protect myself, but then I realized it was to bask in the learning so that I can be ready to bloom even more during the next moment of sun and warmth.

Now as I think about the experience, I am reminded that I only have the present moment. To be worrying about the past or grasping for the future will not help me grow as would being present in the moment. Flowing from one moment to the next, dancing with what IS will allow me to soak up the opportunities in each moment. From there I can sit back, marinade in the expansion and continue blooming.

How can you appreciate the present moment for what it offers? What does the tree bud represent for your growth?


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