Just For This Moment


When we stop ourselves from judging, worry and complaining, LOVE becomes more present.

In the clutter of home renovations, I recently found myself struggling with the chaos. The noise of the equipment, the rearranging of the furniture, the dust piling up and the disturbance to my schedule have all impacted my routine. In the evenings, once the contractors had gone home for the day, we worked on putting the house back together, and once we were done, it was easier to relax.

Clutter, no matter the form, disturbs the flow of energy and interrupts the calm that we need from moment to moment. However, there are times when the disturbance is out of our control or is an be an important step towards improving our circumstances.

In life, when we set goals to improve our circumstances, we are likely going to introduce some form of discomfort, pain or confusion into our lives. This is normal. For example, a simple change of diet can bring about plenty of unwanted emotional dialogue, physical fatigue and a desire to simply give in to the ease of the normal routine.

I’ve found that stepping back, closing the eyes, taking a deep breath and saying the simple phrase ‘JUST FOR THIS MOMENT’ helps ease the tension.

Just for this moment, I allow this clutter into my life because I know it serves a purpose.

Just for this moment, I am ok with this fatigue because I know my body is adjusting from my old nutritional habits to increased health & vitality.

Just for this moment, I allow discomfort into my life because I know I am getting stronger each time I exercise.

Just for this moment, I allow myself to feel the pain of loss yet I know there’s something valuable in it for me.

Just for this moment, I will admit I am wrong so that I can learn and grow in my relationship.

Just for this moment, I will endure the pain of the cold weather because I know that I will appreciate the warmth of my home when I arrive.

This speaks to the impermanence of life. Nothing lasts forever. We have the ability to learn from, adjust and move forward, or we can choose to allow the circumstances of our lives dictate how we react.

It’s up to us in the moment, what will you choose?


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