What’s On Your Bucket List?

Anyone can accomplish their dream when it becomes important enough to accomplish it.

I’m imagining a world where everyone is taught from day one that they can accomplish their dreams.

I see children growing up with the support they need to start working towards their life purpose.

I see adults modelling the behaviours they wish to pass on to the youth of our community.

I hear words of encouragement from across the field while I attempt my last push up for the day.

I sense the feeling of gratitude the artist embodies when they are complimented on their amazing work.

I feel the love from friends as we spend time together working on a project.

I watch with appreciation as the teacher takes the extra time to help a student who is struggling to grasp a new skill.

I smile with excitement when I see the new parent encouraging their child and complimenting them on their effort.

I pause to soak in the talents of the musician, their hours of practice and the gifts they share with the world.

I smile when I see the athlete who is determined to improve their efficiency.

I am filled with hope when I see people come together after resolving their differences.

I see a future where we know that if we want something badly enough, we can accomplish anything so long as we are willing to be brave, vulnerable and willing to learn along the way.

What do you see for your future?

What are the key factors of you becoming successful?

What’s on your lifetime achievement bucket list?


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