If someone else is already blazing the trail, just get behind them.
Col. Jim Nye

Sometimes it’s just easier to let someone do the hard work so we can learn while we follow along. Having shoulders to stand upon is a gift and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great people in my life to learn from over the years.

As much as I like to blaze trails myself, it’s been nice to have people to call upon when I’m stuck or when I’m lost.

Saying this reminds me of snowshoeing and how difficult it is to be the person at the front of the group. Each step is much more difficult than the steps those following must take. When I was in the army, we did winter training and would load up with all our kit, strap the snowshoes on and walk across the fields in the deep snow. It sucked to be the point man but it was a lot easier to be closer to the back of the patrol where the ground was packed.

Life is the same way. In business, we can learn from people who have made the mistakes. We learn from authors, coaches, teachers and when we are open to receiving the lessons, our path is much more smooth.

Our relationships improve when we have people in our lives to mentor us, our finances improve when we hire the help of a financial planner and decide to take action. Our skills as a tradesperson improve as we spend time in an apprenticeship.

The list can go on and on but the point is that it can be valuable to let someone else blaze the trail for you. While you walk behind them you can watch and learn from their experience so that one day you can contribute at a higher level.

Who blazed trails for you? What did you learn from them?

Who can you blaze a trail for and what unique skills can you pass on them?


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