What would provide you more freedom?

As I sat in the comfort of my home on a quiet April morning, all was quiet while I watched the snow fall. It was a beautiful scene, the large flakes slowly made their way to the ground while I listened to the breathing sounds of my daughter in the next room.

Some may look out the window on a late April morning similar to this one and wonder when spring will be arriving, yet I saw beauty.

It’s a choice. One I learned a long time ago when life was difficult.

What I learned in those difficult days is that I had the choice to complain about the freezing cold temperatures, the snow piling up, the dampness of the moisture and the discomfort of sleeping in a trench or lean-to in the DND training area in Wainwright Alberta.

As an infantry soldier, I learned that it’s only weather and if I was prepared, both physically and mentally, the changes had less of an impact on my experience. This lesson, forged through difficulty helped me appreciate the beauty of a crisp fall morning, the sun setting over the horizon on a cold winters day, the rain pouring over me as I ran through the trees and the heat of an August afternoon.

As we move through our day, we have the choice to be free or to be a victim of our circumstances. Viktor Frankl is a great example of this. As an Auschwitz prisoner he learned that no matter how badly the conditions, no one could take away his dignity. No matter how poorly he was treated, he knew that his reaction would be the catalyst of his experience. Although he was a prisoner living in the worst of conditions, he was free.

What choices can you make today that will bring you more freedom?


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