Everything Is Awesome


It’s a nice day for the birds to come.

There’s something special about the things that kids say. On most Saturday mornings I scoot over to the playground with my girls so we can start the day with some fresh air and a bit of play time. This is also a nice opportunity for my wife to have a quiet moment at home after a busy week of work.

One day last spring, as we were walking across the wet field, there was a light fog, some mist in the air and the temperature was cool for the time of the year. Halfway between us and the playground, we saw two Canadian geese and two ducks tip toeing across the wet field. Being the lover of nature she is, Keira stopped and watched the birds as though it was her first time ever seeing them.

I watched the birds with as much delight as my daughter, and after a while she said, “Daddy, it’s a nice day for the birds to come”. While most people were in the comfort of their houses, we were out on a wet, misty, cool April morning and still, she found the bright side in experiencing the birds.

There’s something special about this quality and it always amazes me as I watch her. She has a zest for life and is often in awe of the simple things such as a worm on the wet concrete or the ripple of a puddle. When we go for walks in the forest, she generally lags behind us because she is busy talking to the squirrels, watching the fluff float by or trying to figure out how a puddle of water will flow if she disturbs it slightly.

What I’ve learned from having her in my life is that LIFE is precious, something to be grateful for and everything is a miracle. When we look at the things we take for granted with different lenses, suddenly we are surrounded with a beauty that words can not describe.

What does this story evoke in you? What are the thoughts, feelings, visions you have when you think about a child’s magic?


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