Doing The Right Thing


The more often we make the right decision, the more we come alive.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Something worth doing is worth doing right.” I’ll be honest, I’d love to say that I live my life by this mantra, however, as a human being I, like many other people have great days and difficult days.

As I look back at my life, I’ve had many opportunities to do the right thing, yet chose the easy path. Some times instant gratification was the reward, other times my values were trumped by fear of failure or rejection.

Not knowing what is on the other side of making the right choice is difficult. It’s similar to the fear of doing something adventurous such as jumping off a cliff into a lake. The lead up to the actual event can cause tremendous fear and second guessing. These feelings show up to keep us safe, however when we are brave enough to jump, suddenly the fear turns into bliss and we ‘come alive’ from the experience.

When we make decisions that don’t align with our values we suffer the consequences. I know I’ve made my mistakes and the aftermath of such decisions have always troubled me. Making a choice that moves us away from our authenticity leads to difficult times.

Making choices that move us in the direction of resonance, or our authentic self will lead to more joy, aliveness and excitement for newness.

As difficult as it can be to do the right thing at times, I like to think that the discomfort about the decision is there to help us grow. Playing the bigger game is not easy, however when we play well, we often find ourselves better off that we did.


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