Sit Back & Breathe


What is the belief that is underlying the feeling I am experiencing?

One summer day while I was sitting on the front steps reading a book, I watched an ant as it worked to pull some debris that was much bigger than its body. As I watched, the ant continued to work with the debris, never quitting and bit by bit, moved it’s quarry across the sidewalk.

We all know that ants are strong, determined beings and it’s normal for them to do amazing things. They continuously work to build elaborate nests and often carry weight many times their own bodyweight.

I wonder if the ant ever thinks that they aren’t capable or that it’s not worth the effort to do what’s best for the colony. Perhaps they know their limits, however they are great examples of what can be accomplished when we allow ourselves to believe we can.

Now take that idea and apply it to your own life.

In what areas are you confident?

What activities do you do where you know for certain that you are going to be successful? What are the beliefs you have that help you feel that way about yourself?

Taking the time to sit back, breathe and understand what is at the foundation of our feelings is a valuable skill to have. It can make or break a situation depending on how we approach it.

I know for myself that when I’m tired, I’m less likely to do this, but when I do the outcome is always much more effective.


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