Shedding Weight


What are you ready to release so you can move forward in your life?

In the backpacking world, there’s two main approaches to a long trek. One is to carry a heavy pack with all the extra comforts and the other is to shed the unnecessary items and have a light pack.

As the people people with the heavy pack begin their journey, they’re ok with the load, and in the back of their mind they are happy that they took what they did. However, there always comes a time when the over packer ends up ditching the items they don’t need.

Usually this has two factors…
They actually don’t need some items and,
The pack is way too heavy and negatively affects the journey.

Meanwhile, the hiker with the light pack strolls along with less stuff to worry about, more time to enjoy the journey and much less headache.

The potential downside to this approach is that
You may actually need something at some point… and
You must plan ahead and really have a good idea about which things are most important to the success (and safety of the trip).

The backpacker is a good example of how we choose to live our lives. Sometimes we hold on to the unnecessary stuff and it keeps us from growing. Other times we’re able to let go of the things (or people) who aren’t supporting us and in doing so we can step into something bigger.

To answer the question then, what are you willing to let go of to create space for what’s more important in your life?


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