What Keeps You Grounded


How do we live in tune with that soulful life, instead of being drawn in too many directions?

I’m sure you can admit that at this point of our evolution as a species, we have created a lot of cool stuff. We’ve got a car that fits every need, big fancy homes with all the bells and whistles, and an abundance of entertainment at our fingertips.

Managing this abundance can be difficult because everything is readily available and it can be super exciting to experience at the same time. Unfortunately for us, we only have so much time, money and energy, so we can’t possibly do/have everything, although at some times we do try.

What happens when we overstretch ourselves is that we lose connection with what grounds us, what brings us joy, and in the process we may find ourselves unconsciously chasing things. Sometimes this is to fit in and other times the chasing happens when we are no longer happy and we are hoping the next thing will bring us more happiness.

What practices do you have that bring you back to your authentic self during times like this?

How do you keep from walking down that path in the first place?

What grounds you?


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