You Have Greatness Within You


The orchestral conductor helps to bring out the best in the musicians.

As an athlete I have had many coaches. It’s those who have been able to draw out the best of me who I remember the most. One such example is my Pee Wee hockey coach, James. He always had our attention, we respected him and we trusted his judgement. James was more than a man who told us how to skate or shoot, he had a special way to bring out the best of our character, and as young boys, that was exactly what we needed at the time.

As a student, I have had many teachers. Now that I am 41 years young, I think of those who had the innate gift of encouraging us to learn. These teachers knew how to help us look beyond our self limiting beliefs and towards our strengths and did so with ease. My grade 3 teacher, Mrs. Broderick is a perfect example of the teacher who connected with all of her students. She was kind, compassionate and encouraged creativity us all.

As an infantry soldier, I had many instructors. Because of the Army culture, many who were in leadership positions used their rank as a source of power while others were natural leaders. I will always have respect for those who trained me while in uniform, however one man stand out. His name is John. He was one of my section commanders through battle school and while on a peacekeeping tour in Bosnia. John was a natural leader. He would lead from the front, was a great teacher and was always fair.

I’ve been coaching people since I was 14 years old, starting with my younger brothers hockey team. Over the 26 years of coaching I’ve made my mistakes, but what I know is that as I trip and fall, I think about those whose shoulders I stand upon and I try to give to my clients what my mentors/coaches gave to me.

Just like the conductor’s job is to bring about the best in their musicians, I am driven to help my coaching clients realize their potential, shed their armour and live vibrant lives.

Who has had a big impact on your growth? Were they a teacher, coach, mentor, friend or family member? What did they do well that stood out from the rest?

What do you do that makes a difference in the lives of the people you know?


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