Shine Your Light & Others Will Rise


“A really big person helps everyone else be big, and doesn’t use their bigness to keep everyone else small.”
Dean Kamen

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the documentary ‘SLINGSHOT’ which features Dean Kamen and his amazing team, make sure you find some time to watch it. Over the last 30 plus years, they have had a significant impact on our world with some of the things they have created, improving lives in the process.

What I loved about this film was the love for science that Dean Kamen has. As I watched the story unfold, I was motivated by each stage of his journey and couldn’t help feeling gratitude for watching someone sharing their life purpose.

As we wake up each day, we have the choice to step into our greatness or to simply get through the day. I believe that we all have a special gift to share with the world and each day when we wake up, we are given more opportunities to share.

From person to person the gifts will vary of course. For you it may be something amazing like inventing a machine to filter water for millions of people, or it may be connecting to people in a way that helps them realize their greatness.

Either way, whatever your gift is, isn’t it worth sharing? Isn’t it worth living each day knowing that you made a difference, even if it was a small difference?

What is your gift, calling or purpose? How can you express it in a way that includes others and lights them up in the process?


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