How Will You Know If You Don’t Try

change-948024_1920.jpgNote #1: I wrote this post earlier this year, sometime in the early spring of 2017…

I’m sure you have heard people say things like “I want to enjoy the life in my years”, or “I don’t want to look back and wonder what if.” I know for me that as much as I’ve done so far, I’m always yearning to experience new things, meet new people and see new places.

Having said that, I’ve been wanting to try skydiving for 20 years, yet I’ve used Epilepsy as an excuse to avoid it. This year, however, is going to be my year to finally live that experience.

I’ve reached out to the company and they will allow me to do a tandem jump so I’m fine with that. What I can say is that as I look back at how many times I’ve contemplated the idea, the emails I’ve sent and the conversations I’ve had, I wasn’t ready to try because I allowed my inner critic to enter the conversation.

Rather than inviting the inner critic, I chose the word CURIOSITY for 2017 and I am now very curious to have the experience of skydiving. My energy around this has changed, I’ve had coaching on it and I’ve talked with my wife about the idea as well.

So, having done the work, I’m publicly declaring that I will skydive before I turn 41 this summer! Who wants to join me in celebrating something that has taken 20 years to manifest the courage to complete?

** WOW! I need to share this… When I finished typing the last paragraph, I decided to take a break before I finish the post, review it and then finally share it here on Instagram. As soon as I went upstairs and sat down to have breakfast (about 2 minutes) my daughter Hayley stood beside me and said, “Dad, I want to jump out of an airplane someday”. 😳

There has not been any discussion around the kids about skydiving in my house that I can recall! Message heard loud and clear universe! Isn’t it amazing how the messages can show up for us when we are open to receiving them!!

Note #2: I signed up to go skydiving and scheduled the jump on the day before my 41st birthday. You can read all about the adventure and watch the video here.

All I can say is that it was a great time and I can’t wait to go again!! 

Life is too short to wait for the right moment. 

You can accomplish anything you want to as long as you are willing to step up to the plate. You may fall, you may stumble, people may criticize you but as Les brown often says, if you fall down, make sure you fall on our back because if you can look up you can get up!!

What are you willing to overcome this year and how can I help you with it?


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