Small Gestures

Small Gestures.png

We often think about the big things we can do to brighten someone’s day, but the truth is, at least in my own experience, is that it’s the small things we do that have the lasting impact.

I don’t consider receiving gifts to be one of my primary love languages, however when I know that someone thought about me and took the time to create something out of love, that fills me up. I’d much rather see a plate of freshly baked muffins show up than a gift that was purchased out of obligation for a holiday or feeling that you owed me because I gifted something to you.

If I am being completely honest, a hug often means much more to me because it shows me that you love me enough to express it in a way that is vulnerable to you. Offering help when needed the most is also another amazing gift we can give to those we care for. Similarly, spending quality time together is one of the greatest gifts we can share.

In my community, we are blessed with some amazing people who are available to help each other on a regular basis. We walk each other’s kids to school when someone is sick, we invite kids for playdates when a parent has an appointment and we will make a point to ensure no child is left behind after school. Each of these examples are gifts of someone’s time, and for me, they have a much more significant impact as compared to something that is purchased.

Holding the door for a stranger, shovelling the sidewalk for your neighbour and having a polite conversation with someone in the checkout line are simple gestures yet they can be that one thing which can make someone’s day brighter.

What are some other examples of gifts we can offer people? I would love to see you fill up the comment section with a long list of gifts that we can share out of love for one another.

Also, tag someone who has given you the gift of time, love or friendship at some point. It is a nice way of saying thank you for being such a wonder person.


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