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After 13 years in the fitness industry, I still had a sense that something was missing in my work. As a personal fitness trainer, I worked with lots of great people, and learned plenty about myself and my craft along the way, however the desire to connect on a deeper level was growing stronger.

I knew that I had a desire to develop a stronger connection with my clients and I wanted our work together to be more impactful. Eventually, it wasn’t enough for me to be prescribing workouts. What I wanted was to help people transform their lives beyond the gym, however if I’m being honest with myself, the passion was there but the skills and systems were not.

In my search for the tools I would need to fulfill this desire my my wife suggested I explore coaching. Initially, I was unsure about coaching because truthfully, I really didn’t know what it was. Sure, I was teaching, consulting and mentoring people in my time as a trainer, however as far as having the skills to effectively coach others to discover their brilliance, I was a novice at best.

I remember my first coaching course with the Coaches Training Institute just like it was yesterday. On a beautiful Autumn day I took the Red Arrow to Calgary and nervously walked through the doors, soon realizing that I was home. Shortly after introductions and a few warm up exercises, I volunteered to be coached and found myself committing to a challenge that would be a big part of my growth as a husband, father, friend and coach.

This challenge grew into a coaching practice and the Fundamentals Coaching Course bloomed into a year of training. What I gained from this time would require a book, but I want to highlight a couple of things that I feel were instrumental throughout this past year…

  1. My Tribe
  2. Accountability
  3. A Higher Bar

The photo above is My Tribe. They were with me from day one. We started together in the Fundamentals course and continued through 4 more weekends of training. This group is filled with amazing people from all walks of life and we developed a strong sense of family as we grew together. The support I received while working together with my cohort is what helped to build my confidence, polish my skills and keep me motivated to keep moving forward.

Coaching is based on trust, connection, learning, action and accountability. As I worked through the weekend workshops, the level of accountability to my tribe continued to rise and each time we would meet, it was an opportunity to check in, talk about our growth and reflect on what we learned from our challenges. Without this accountability we would not have accomplished the things we accomplished. We would not have grown as much as we have and we would not be the coaches we are today.

As The Tribe grew together, the bar continued to climb higher. Each time we would meet for a new workshop, the skills we were to practice had higher expectations placed on them and we were asked to provide more impactful feedback as we practiced coaching.

Soon, the things that made us nervous on day one were flowing much more efficiently and our confidence as coaches increased. Once we completed the 5 weekend workshops, we accumulated 104 hours of in class training, 5 months of practice coaching, reading assignments and support/accountability through our Facebook group. The next step for many of us was to continue on to the 6 month certification program where we would learn much more and raise our bar to an even higher level of competence.

I share this story with you because it’s a great example of how impactful a group of like-minded people can be. I can only speculate, but I can’t imagine I would have developed at the same level had I done this training on my own. This is the value of working together with people who want the best for you, who care about you, who want to see you succeed and who will be there for you when you need them the most.

Stronger Together Tribe 4 (1)

This is why I teamed up with Vanessa Harper, Cari Frame and Kimberley Dawn to create a 30 day program which will act as your Tribe, Your Accountability Crew and who will help Raise The Bar for you!

Motivation ✩ Accountability ✩ Strategy ✩ Support

Do you need the love of a fierce tribe?

We’ve got you.

The tribe gathers on November 1st for 30 days.

For only $89 you will receive $750 worth of coaching, accountability, support, community and motivation to accomplish a big goal, prepare for 2018 or set the stage for your future!

This is a Facebook Group so you can join the tribe from your own corner of the globe!

Want to learn more? Send us a message and we would love to connect or click here for more information.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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