Stronger Together Tribe

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Folks I am super pumped to be teaming up with these three amazing women as we create an online experience to boost your momentum as we roll into the winter months!! We will have more information showing up within the next week, however I’m so excited to share this with you that I just couldn’t wait!!

Stronger Together Tribe

30-Day Accountability Facebook Group

Support – Inspiration – Challenge – Community

You know that feeling when you’re part of a team with a strong leader?  As a team member you push harder, reach higher and achieve more than you ever would have on your own.  Whoo-wee that’s a great feeling!

The Stronger Together Tribe is your chance to be part of a team for 30 solid days!  Except this team DOES have an “I” in it – TRIBE!  This tribe is all about YOU – your goals, dreams, what motivates you, inspires you and keep you expanding and evolving ever closer to your full potential.

PLUS the Stronger Together Tribe doesn’t just have one strong leader – it has 4!  Four dynamic, multi-faceted coaches to guide you, hold you accountable to your best self and cheer for you with every powerful step you take in the right direction.

Accountability has been proven to increase goal achievement by 85% versus no accountability.  Clear goals and accountability around those goals takes you from dreaming to living.  

From hoping to actualizing.  

From wishing to being.  

Keep reading to find out how the Stronger Together Tribe will work for you!

Many of you know about the effectiveness of accountability and you’ve tried it with a friend or co-worker.  So you know what usually happens, right?  Your friend’s level of motivation doesn’t match yours, they (naturally) don’t have the time or professional skills to fuel your journey in a really beneficial way.  And then you’re on your own again.

That’s why Karl, Kim, Vanessa and Cari created Stronger Together.  They’ve seen it time and again with their own clients.  Many people hire a coach because they are tired of forever striving, reaching and dreaming but never achieving their goals.  With wellness, professional success and personal development goals, we often fall short or lose momentum because of trying to do it all on our own.

As professional coaches with hundreds of hours of client experience, the 4 Stronger Together coaches know that accountability must be structured, informed and consistent to really work!  The Stronger Together Tribe will give you all of that and more!

As a member of the Stronger Together Tribe you will receive –

  •      30 days of support, accountability, community and inspiration (priceless!)
  •      5 weekly Facebook posts from your leaders to fuel your journey and inspire your growth ($200 value)
  •      a tribe of motivated and diverse people who will share their journeys and support yours (priceless!)
  •      weekly one-on-one accountability sessions with the coach of your choice ($250 value)
  •      weekly videos targeted to the goals of the tribe ($100 value)
  •      a bi-weekly group video chat to connect to the tribe and boost everyone’s progress ($200 value)
  •      goal setting and achieving feedback whenever you need it (totally priceless!)

That’s over $750 of professional coaching support!

If you have passion, drive, a wish for more personal wellness and fulfillment – WE WANT YOU IN OUR TRIBE!

That’s why we’re offering all this support for only $89 (one-time payment)

What’s required of you to be part of the Stronger Together Tribe?

      A goal, a dream, a hankering for more in any area of your life (health, business, finances, relationships, you name it!)

      A commitment to participate regularly in the tribe via Facebook and short weekly chats.  We cannot be Stronger Together unless we are TOGETHER!

      A willingness to be coached.  That means openness, honesty and a readiness to activate the coaching in your daily life

That’s it!  That’s all it takes to move from dreaming to living in 30 days!

Meet the Stronger Together Tribe Coaches:


Kimberley Dawn
is a professionally trained and certified Small Business and Life Coach through The Coaches Training Institute. She works with Trapped Professionals, Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to help them take positive action in their lives and businesses.

Kimberley Dawn co-creates strategic and meaningful roadmaps to guide clients through the minefield of entrepreneurship. Kimberley Dawn can help you feel like you matter. Because you do. She can help you build something that matters. Because you can.

Her hope for the Stronger Together Tribe is to co-create a community where everyone is heard + supported as they dedicate the month of November to banishing a back-burner burden.


Karl MacPhee is a Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer with training through NAIT (PFT), The Coaches Training Institute and Precision Nutrition.

As a co-active coach, Karl passionately guides committed men and women who are ready to shed their armour, discover themselves and take action so they can live vibrant, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Karl’s holistic approach and habit based coaching are a great combination for long lasting lifestyle transformation. His vision for you and the Stronger Together Tribe is that you enJOY & embrace your Fitness, Personal Growth and Mindful Nutrition so you can create the momentum you desire!  

Each journey begins with the first step. Are you ready to begin your journey?


Vanessa Harper is a certified NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Yoga Teacher.  Since 2012 she has travelled to 9 different countries being coached by the best coaches, mentors and obtaining world class certifications.  

Her colourful past drives her to assist men and women eliminate compulsive or self-sabotaging behaviours, improve their emotional intelligence and perform at their best.

Vanessa knows that clearly defined goals, the plan for their attainment and a solid accountability strategy are the keys to unlock your full potential.

Being a member of the tribe for the month of November will start the momentum towards undeniable results and the successful achievement of your short, medium and long term goals.


Cari Frame
Connecting people to their inner strengths and wisdom is Cari’s life purpose.  She is the founder of Empowered Wellness Coaching and has been working one-on-one with clients for over 2 years.  Her coaching style is structured to help you live ON PURPOSE with joy and wonder.  

Cari is a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Co-Active Life Coach.  She specializes in supporting full-being wellness, empowered relationships, reducing self-sabotage, positive self-image and mindfulness.

During the 30 days of Stronger Together Cari will never stop calling you forth to your best, most empowered self! 

Stay tuned for more information as it will be coming very soon. If you are excited after reading this and want to sign up, please email me at and we will get you all set up!

Also, please share this with your friends and family. What’s good for the hive is good for the bee!!

Hope to see you in the Stronger Together Tribe!!


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