Combining Coaching And Dogs With Wings For A Good Cause

Support Dogs With Wings.png

Until the end of September I will be working on a project to raise some money for an organization called Dogs With Wings. They work collaboratively, and in partnership with other organizations that provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities.

I love the work that assistance dogs do and I have a recently been drawn to volunteer my time to help Dogs With Wings as well as the people who rely on assistance dogs.

How might I do this you ask?

Well, over the next 6 weeks I will be offering complimentary coaching sessions (30 minutes) for people who have not had coaching with me and who are looking to have a powerful coaching experience.

These sessions will be by donation and I will deliver the money to Dogs With Wings on September 29th. You will decide the amount you wish to donate, and can do so with cash or by e-transfer to prior to the coaching session.

My goal is to┬áraise $500 which can go towards feeding, fostering, training and caring for the puppies which will one day serve individuals who live with various disabilities. Ultimately, your donation can make a significant difference in someone else’s life, so it will be a win for everyone involved!

In order to make the best of this opportunity, I am looking for individuals who are interested in experiencing the value of coaching, who want to create change in their lives, and who also have an interest in paying it forward to help others in the process.

If you or someone you know is interested, please click on one of the following links to book your session now!!

Click Here To Book A Phone Session

Click Here To Book An In Person Session


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