Creating The Space For Others To Grow


I recently listened to Rev. Patrick Cameron on the Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton podcast. I always enjoy his talks because he is a great story teller and always has a way of explaining the deeper work into practical terms. 

His talk was about living our lives in the art of possibility rather than out of survival mode. There are many people who gifted the world with their wisdom, and we can learn plenty from their stories, however there comes a point when we simply need to begin our own journey towards healing.

Throughout history we are told story after story of the vision quest or the journey into the darkness where people find themselves in the process. These stories are great examples demonstrating the importance of our role as our own healer. 

As we travel through life, we seek the truth and the truth is seeking us. I believe that as we wind our way through life, we cross paths with spiritual teachers and teachings taking infinite form. Our bus driver can be a teacher, the beggar on the street, our friends, family and animals all offer us opportunities for learning and growth.

Along this path, we will often seek the help from others but the truth is that they may only be guiding us to the places we need to go on our own, for it is our purpose to do the work for ourselves. 

Our nature is to want to help, however no matter how much effort we put into helping others, we can not fix anyone. As noble a calling as helping can be, it can be draining for the helper. Empowering people, on the other hand, allows people to connect the dots themselves, to embrace the teachings and to awaken to their authenticity. 

What can you do differently to empower the people in your life?


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