Positive Steps


Many of us have a default pattern that guides us into the land of doubt, fear, frustration, lack and it zeros in on the things we view as failure from the past. 

We may also look into the future and stop ourselves from even trying because we believe that we are destined for failure.

This pattern of behaviour does not come from our authentic selves. It comes from what we call the inner critic, saboteur or the devil on the shoulder. 

Whatever we want to label this as, the energy does not serve us and when we allow it to guide our thinking, it only keeps us on the island of self doubt and inaction.

Imagine you are tending to a vegetable garden and it is infested with critters. These critters will continue to eat away at what they believe belongs to them until you do something about it. 

Another metaphor I love is to imagine you are a captain of a ship taking important cargo (your ideas, goals, dreams) to an important destination (your future). The saboteurs show up as an enemy pirate ship and if you do nothing to deal with them, they will soon be crawling all over your ship and crushing your hopes and dreams.

So what can you do when this happens? 

An easy exercise is to give the saboteur some time to state their case (60 seconds perhaps) and once that’s done, move directly into the captain’s chair, embody the energy of your authentic self and write out all the things you’ve accomplished in the past even though they may have been difficult. Soon you will notice that the critters will be gone and you will be ready to start planning & brainstorming to take action


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