Your Doing Will Follow Your Being


Each day we wake up to move from task to task and the transitions between tasks often overlap. 

From one moment to the next we’re immersed in something new, trying to keep up with the lists we have created, the expectations we have for ourselves and those of our employers, families, friends, & clients. 

All of this DOING steals away the space for BEING and because of this, many people finish the day already behind. 

Living with epilepsy, I know the harmful effects of OVER DOING first hand. I’ve been blessed with a brain that knows when to tell me to stop. Unfortunately for me, there’s serious repercussions when it’s too late. 

For many other people, perhaps including you, your body may be slowly telling you it’s time to slow down, to let go of the non-essentials and make space to BE. 

To have time set aside each day to get away from tasks, away from media, away from doing anything except sitting, breathing and allowing life to happen through you is an amazing practice. 

Think about the BEING as the seed and DOING as the flower which blossoms. Without taking the time to water the seed, give it sun and fresh air, it may not bloom as well as you prefer. 

How can stepping away from the busyness help you find peace in your life?


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