Who Is Influencing You

As I read this quote I think of my kids. It is so important for us as adults to be mindful of the things we say & do around them.

As a child, anything is possible. 

There’s no inner critic that gets in the way of trying something. 

Risk is normal, in fact it is a great way to learn about risk vs. reward, what we are capable of, & boundaries. 

What happens though, is that over the course of their childhood, many children hear us say things like “NO, BE CAREFUL, DON’T DO THAT, YOU MIGHT GET HURT!”                         

Yes, there are times when statements like this are necessary, however when we habitually hold our offspring back they learn to second guess themselves and this eventually leads to fear of failure, worry about being rejected or a feeling that they aren’t good enough.                                
What kind of an impact does this have on our kids, and what can we do differently to break the cycle? 

Imagine a world where we encourage each other to try new things, to appreciate the mis-takes and to confidently move towards our dreams. 

What would be possible if we held people (especially children) as naturally creative, resourceful and whole?                                                        

Imagine what you can accomplish when you are surrounded by people who inspire you and encourage you to dare? 

After reading this, consider your circle of influence and how the people you interact with impact your decisions, your goals, your habits and your behaviours. 

Create a circle on paper and on the inside of the circle, place the names of those who support you to grow & learn. These are the people who encourage you to go for it, in fact, they are likely the people who are asking you to try new things with them. 

On another circle, write the names of those who are holding you back. These are the people who question your goals, poke fun at your healthy habits, or simply create a toxic environment. 

Which circle of influence do you feel is best to focus on? 

What are you willing to do about that and how will the decision change your life?


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