A Clear Image

Just like the downhill skier or the race car driver visualizes a clear image of their course prior to competition, so to should we have a clear image of the life we want. 

As we prepare for bed each night, this is a perfect time to spend a few minutes visualizing the life that we want for ourself and our family. 

Thinking about the things we want in our life, the people who we want to surround ourselves with, the work we want to do, or the impact we want to have on others is a great practice. 

As we do this, we shift our mind away from the things we don’t like, or the things that are difficult for us and into the things that we know will bring us joy. 

What do you see as your gift to the world? 

Is it service to others, art, writing, inventing? 

Whatever it is, imagine this gift in great detail each night before you finally fall to sleep. 

What are the colours? 

Who is there?

What are you doing with your gift and how is it impacting the people you care for?

As you continue to practice your visualization each night, you will become more clear of the ingredients as well as the path you should take. 

You will begin to take action each day and you will let go of the things that no longer support your dream. 

Doing this will help you move closer to your destiny, so why not start today!! 


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