The People You Admire

What are the characteristics of the people you admire? 

As I think about the people who inspire me the most, I see many similarities. 

Most of them lead by example, which has always been important for me. 

Caring for others, integrity and living authentically are also high on the list.

When I see that people persevere through struggle and use that experience to help other people, I’m inspired. 

When I know that I can trust you, I am drawn to you. 

When I can confide in you I feel safe and when you encourage me to live up to my potential, I am fuelled by that energy. 

Most often, when we see things that we admire in others, these things are part of us. When we recognize a value of family in a friend, that value is likely strong in us. 

When we see the value of adventure in people, we likely have an adventure bug living in us as well. 

Who are the 5 people that you admire the most, and what are the characteristics that you admire in them? 

Where do you see these values within you? 

Comment about someone who you admire or who inspires you and tell us what it is that they do that you appreciate the most.


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