Abundance Mindset 

What does abundance mean to you? 

Perhaps you are interested in attracting an abundance of love, friendship, health, knowledge, freedom, prosperity, travel or laughter. 

Whichever form of abundance you yearn for, the process is not as simple as wishing or thinking about something for it to come true for you. The law of attraction does work, but it’s not a one way street. 

The process starts by building a foundation of abundant THOUGHTS which will lead to the FEELINGS of abundance in your life. 

When you begin to feel this way, you are more likely to take ACTION that will eventually lead you to the abundance you are looking for. 

For example, imagine that you want to improve your health so you are no longer winded walking up the stairs at the office. 

Wishing that the change will happen leads to nothing. Praying for the change, meditating on it and thinking more positively may have a small, short term impact but the reality is without action, nothing will change. 

As we change our thinking towards health we are more likely to feel healthier. When we ‘feel’ healthier or more motivated, we are more likely to take action and this is where the change occurs. 

Once you build the foundation with the thoughts and feelings, the change that occurs through your consistent actions will have the biggest impact. 

What thoughts of abundance did you start your day with today? 
How can this process work for you? 


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