What Must I Come To Manifest My Vision

This is a great question from Michael Beckwith in his 10 minute meditation called ‘Questions to ask the universe to help unfold your biggest gifts’.

It’s a wonderful way to start the day as the video is filled with great questions to ask of yourself. 

In our goal setting and visioning process we often get stuck in the doing side with our energy directed towards all of the things we need to DO to create a shift in our life.

The doing is important, because without action we will not reach our goals, however, when we think about who we will need to be in order to accomplish the doing, we first set up the foundation that will guide us in the process of change. 

With this strong foundation, we are much stronger in the face of struggle, temptation, fatigue and setback. 

Ask yourself: 

What must you BECOME to manifest your vision/calling/dream and brainstorm as many ways of being as possible that will support these dreams.

From there, create your plan of ACTION connect with the BEING and CONSISTENTLY work towards your goals for the results you want! 


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