Overcoming the Negative Feedback Loop

Do you find yourself on the losing side of the battle for more energy? Are you too tired to include movement into your daily routine? Perhaps you are a victim of a negative feedback loop.

It can be difficult to pull yourself out of the rut because the last thing you want to do is exercise, but when you include movement into your day, you will feel better.

How do you go about making the change?

I suggest adding 15-20 minute walks into your daily routine, then build on that. Once your body starts to move more often, you will find that you may have more energy to deal with the stress of the day, and you will want to do more movement to help overcome that stress.

Once you start to feel better, add some bodyweight exercises at the end of the walk or mix up the day with a 15 minute walk and a 10 minute bodyweight session at home. Some squats, kitchen counter push ups, lunges and 5 minutes of yoga could make a big difference in how you feel. If that’s too much for now, perhaps taking a 1-2 minute movement break every hour will be a good start. Rather than trying to implement a grand fitness plan, perhaps all you need to get started is random movement breaks and a new outlook on moving.

Eventually, you may look at daily chores differently. For example, when I look at house cleaning as a chore, I don’t want to do it. When I approach it as an opportunity to move, then I always do more cleaning and feel better in the end. Perhaps cutting the grass is the last thing on your mind, but once it’s done, you are more likely to get something else done.

Multiple studies look at how nature affects our brains, and when combined with movement, such as a walk or a game of catch, we see increased brain activity and a positive hormonal affect which will lead to more energy and feeling great!

The brain can be disastrous enemy or it can be a wonderful ally in the effort to include more health into your day. Movement plays a key role in the management of our energy. For more ideas on how to include more movement into your life, check out my YouTube channel here…


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